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Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode Explained: Is It Really Necessary?
Learn all about Airplane Mode, its purpose, and why it's important to use it on your smartphone or laptop while on a flight. Understand how it helps prevent interference with aircraft communication and navigation systems.
3-2-1 Backup Method
3-2-1 Backup Method: All You Need to Know
In this blog post we’ll take a deeper look at the 3-2-1 backup method, covering why it’s used, benefits, implementation and best practices.
Password Attacks
The Different Types of Password Attacks and How to Prevent Them
In this blog, we will look at the different types of password attacks that attempt to compromise your sensitive information. We also share some important advice for preventing these attacks in order to improve your overall security and effectively protect your data.
SharePoint vs OneDrive
SharePoint vs OneDrive: Which is Best For Your Business?
Effective document management and collaboration tools are essential for businesses of all sizes. As businesses make the shift to a more productive and streamlined workflow, two standout platforms often come into play: SharePoint and OneDrive. In this blog, we explore the key differences and similarities between SharePoint and OneDrive, providing a comprehensive comparison guide.
Leased Lines
Leased Lines: What are They and How are They Used
Discover what leased lines are, how they are used, and why businesses rely on them for high-performance, secure, and reliable connectivity. Explore the benefits and applications of leased lines in this comprehensive guide.
denial-of-service attack
What is a Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack?
A denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a type of cyber attack which aims to make a system or service inaccessible to its intended users. This is typically done by overwhelming the target machine or network with a flood of unnecessary requests which disrupt the normal traffic.
QR Code Scams
Understanding the Dangers Behind Fake QR Code Scams
A QR Code, or Quick Response Code, is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can store information and be easily scanned using a smartphone camera. QR codes are great for quickly accessing information, but they have also become a tool for cybercriminals.
IT Strategy
Does Your Business Need an IT Strategy?
An IT Strategy is an in-depth roadmap which helps businesses outline how and why their infrastructure should be used.
Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint
Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint to Help you Stay More Organised
Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for businesses to improve their collaboration and stay more organised. It provides an incredibly secure location for users to store, organise, and access their files from any device. 
Human Firewall
What is a Human Firewall and its Role in Cybersecurity?
A human firewall is a cybersecurity term that is used to describe the concept of using employees as the first line of defence against malicious cyber attacks. Read to find out the benefits as well as how to build one for your business.
SIP vs VoIP: Understanding the Key Differences
VoIP, in simple terms, refers to the technology used to send phone calls over the internet in packets, turning analogue voice signals into digital data. Now, SIP is a little different. It is a signalling protocol that initiates, maintains, adjusts, and terminates real-time sessions involving video, phone, text, and other communication services across IP networks.
Phishing and blagging
The Difference Between Blagging and Phishing
Phishing and blagging are both forms of cyber attacks that are designed to trick people into handing over their sensitive information.
IT Maintenance
Understanding IT Maintenance: Exploring the 4 Main Types
IT maintenance involves keeping information technology (IT) systems running smoothly, efficiently, and securely.
Yealink T46 Transfer
How Safe Is Public WiFi?
The question of how safe it is to use public WiFi remains a significant concern in terms of cybersecurity. Understanding the risks associated with connecting to these networks and implementing safety measures is crucial for protecting your personal information online.
Chatgpt vs Microsoft Copilot
ChatGPT vs Microsoft Copilot
In the past few months, we’ve seen a rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading to the emergence of lots of new AI tools and software. Two big players in this field are Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT. These two tools have been a driving force in increasing innovation within this field.
The Different Types of Microsoft 365 Mailboxes & Their Uses
Within Microsoft 365, there are different mailbox types that each serve diverse user needs. These mailboxes range from individual user inboxes for daily communication to shared and resource ones for collaboration, all of which improve workplace productivity and efficiency.
Microsoft OneNote
6 Benefits of Microsoft OneNote to Help You Improve Your Workflow
In this blog, we cover the many benefits of Microsoft OneNote to help you maximise your workflow.
Microsoft Copilot for Small Businesses
Microsoft Copilot for Small Businesses
The wait is finally over. Microsoft has expanded Copilot for Microsoft 365 to businesses of all sizes.
benefits of wired network
6 Benefits of Wired Networks for Reliable Connectivity
In this blog we cover the many benefits of wired networks including speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and security.
Edmondson's IT Services 2023 Roundup
Edmondson’s IT Services 2023 Round-up
What a year 2023 was. This year was full of adventures, from getting muddy in the Great Northern Mud Run to abseiling down a 45-meter building.
Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Choosing the right browser for you
Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have been in some serious competition for some time. Read this blog to find out which is best for you.
Increase Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts
How to Increase Productivity With Keyboard Shortcuts
Increasing business productivity is a great way to streamline your workflow as well as save money and save time. One often-overlooked way to boost productivity is by utilising keyboard shortcuts.
Black Friday Staying Safe Online
How to Stay Safe Online During Black Friday
It is safe to say that Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year. This means a rise in the threat of falling victim to cybercriminals who are looking to take advantage of those looking to snag a quick bargain.
Microsoft Copilot Logo
Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft’s New AI Assistant
Microsoft Copilot is the latest AI tool by Microsoft aimed to help improve user experience across Microsoft’s various applications and platforms. In this blog, we outline the different features of Copilot that you can use to speed up your everyday business routine.

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