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Are you looking for affordable business email hosting service? At Edmondson's IT Services we offer flexible email and website hosting packages for businesses across West Yorkshire and the UK.

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Having a reliable and relevant email address enables a business to create a professional brand identity, having professional email hosting is vital for any business. Emails have become an essential tool and are something we rely on daily, that is why at Edmondson's IT Services we offer a secure email hosting platform for businesses across West Yorkshire and the UK.

Our hosting and email packages are flexible and are designed to suit any type of business. We provide everything your business needs to get up and running, why not get in touch with our team today to see how we can help your business.

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Want a professional edge for your brand? Why not let us exchange your Hotmail, Yahoo or other generic email address for a smart, professional branded address like Syncing your email address with your business name gives your brand a professional look which can stand against competitors.


Email has become an essential and valuable tool which we rely on day in and day out. This is why we deliver a top-quality service that is reliable, safe, secure and spam-free. Many emails contain important documents and critical messages, it’s vital that your emails are sent fast and secure every time.


Our VENUS Microsoft Exchange platform offers secure and reliable email hosting with the capacity for hundreds of mailboxes, with unlimited email addresses. Join thousands of businesses already using an affordable email hosting platform to maximize profits and increase productivity.


With around 2.5 million emails sent every second, and many of them containing important documents and business-critical messages, it’s vital that your emails are sent quickly and securely, every time. At Edmondson’s IT we offer fast, reliable and secure email via our hosted Microsoft Exchange platform.


Do you want a professional signature to go along with your new email address? We’ve partnered with CodeTwo to provide an award-winning email signature and marketing services.

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