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At Edmondson's IT Services we understand that your business is full of potential, that is why we aim to match that potential with our business sim only deals. With data plans starting from as little as £9.20 a month, we are committed to getting the best out of your business.

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what are business SIMs?

A business SIM is a SIM card that is linked to your business account aimed to be tailored to cater to your specific business needs. They’re a great way to manage your business communications and segregate professional and personal communication for employees. A business SIM gives you the ability to set customisable tariffs, data, usage, and more. This helps you to better manage the mobile usage of each of your employees in a streamlined manner, making sure you are making more thoughtful financial decisions. They also give you the opportunity to make bulk upgrades, and also have access to a variety of different services, such as voicemail and call forwarding. Business SIMs are typically provided by specialised business mobile providers and highly skilled IT providers, which sets them apart from the traditional SIM cards offered by mainstream network providers like O2, EE, or Vodafone. This allows you to have a much more customised experience with a bespoke service centred around your business.

business SIM only deals

Are you looking to boost productivity, mobility, safety or the morale of your workforce? Whatever your reason, here at Edmondson's IT Services we aim to provide the perfect solution to any telecom issue that you may be encountering. With mobile sim contracts ranging from 30 days to 24 months, we are confident that our business sims will provide you with the best coverage in the area.

Business Mobile Sim

benefits of business SIMs

We aim to offer the perfect solution for your business. Our unlimited deals are available on a 30 day, 12 month or 24 month contract.


Business SIMs can easily be integrated with your existing business communication systems such as VoIP phone systems. This allows you to streamline your communication and enable features like extension dialling and call routing.


One of the major benefits to business SIMs is cost savings. You can take advantage of tailored business plans filled with features only you need. By optimising your phone plan, you can take better control over how much you spend.


Business SIMs have an increased level of security features to help keep your sensitive business data protected. These helps provide peace of mind that your information is protected even in the case of loss or theft.


As a business, you may need many SIMs to power your business communication. This can be difficult to manage both in terms of admin and cost. Having a business account means that you can keep on top of your costs and make changes to your plan easily. This can be managed by getting in touch with our team of professionals who will provide expert advice on the best deals and help you make changes to your account.


Shared data can make it easy to better manage your costs, as each business SIM can use data from a shared pool, meaning you won’t need to pay extra per SIM, and also make the most out of your money, especially when you have employees who don’t use all of the data on your plan.

unlimited monthly deals

We aim to offer the perfect solution for your business. Our unlimited deals are available on a 30 day, 12 month or 24 month contract.

6GB - £13.40

unlimited calls

unlimited texts

5G ready

10GB - £15.40

unlimited calls

unlimited texts

5G ready

20GB - £17.50

unlimited calls

unlimited texts

5G ready

unlimited - £22.20

unlimited calls

unlimited texts

5G ready

data only monthly deals

We understand that sometimes data is all you need, that is why we offer a selection of data only plans.

2GB - £9.20

3GB - £10.00

5GB - £12.95

10GB - £14.95

unlimited - £23.40

why choose Edmondson's IT?

We understand that every business is different and that is why we offer a range of business sim plans to help meet your requirements.

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