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Evolve your communications with a feature-rich and fully managed voip phone system. 3CX provides an incredibly powerful and customisable PBX for any sized business. Our team is here to provide a complete functional solution, end-to-end.

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Feature-Rich Phone System

3cx VoIP Phone Providers

Fully Managed VoIP System

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why choose a VoIP Phone System?

As VoIP (voice over ip) phone system and service providers, Edmondson’s IT Services has been helping small businesses of every sector across the UK to get the most out of their phones. A VoIP phone system has many benefits that can boost your profits and reduce your phone business charges.

Get the features you need from 3CX with the right version for your business. Click the link below to view the version comparison chart and find out which 3CX is right for you.

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what are the features of 3cx?


Quickly see who’s calling your office phone system, see who’s available, call statistics, and much more. Applications can be integrated into the 3CX client to give you additional functionality


The 3CX client can be installed anywhere. Your PC, Mac, laptop, android, and iPhone. Work from anywhere and make calls from your business’s line no matter where you are.


Direct your customers call exactly where you need them. Set up a virtual receptionist, have direct dials for certain departments and transfer to a mobile number while you are out and about.


Using the easy web-based management interface you have full access to unified communications. Features include video conferencing, built in call reports and much more.

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