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Evolve your communications with a feature-rich and fully managed voip phone system. 3CX provides an incredibly powerful and customisable PBX for any sized business. Our team is here to provide a complete functional solution, end-to-end.

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why choose a VoIP Phone System?

As VoIP (voice over ip) phone system and service providers, Edmondson’s IT Services has been helping small businesses of every sector across the UK to get the most out of their phones. A VoIP phone system has many benefits that can boost your profits and reduce your phone business charges.

Get the features you need from 3CX with the right version for your business. Click the link below to view the version comparison chart and find out which 3CX is right for you.

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benefits of 3CX

Seamless integration

3CX offers seamless and powerful integration with popular CRMs and Microsoft Office 365, giving you the ability to call contracts straight from your CRM, receive all customer records when an inbound call occurs, and easily access customer records and call history. This gives you the opportunity to create much more meaningful relationships with customers.

Improve customer service

Thanks to the powerful tools 3CX has to offer such as call recordings, you’re able to improve your business’ internal processes based on the data you collect. This means you’re able to enhance your company’s overall service as well as create a benchmark for how your employees should deliver your service.


Because of the flexibility of having unlimited extensions, 3CX expands with your business. This means that no matter how big your company grows, you won’t have to switch to a completely different solution that your team aren't familiar with.

save money

3CX is a low-cost way to improve your IT infrastructure, while optimising your internet connection. It allows you to save money by establishing end-to-end communications using your existing internet connection, as opposed to traditional business phones, which require dedicated desk phones and copper wiring.

work from anywhere

Work from anywhere with the 3CX mobile phone app, giving you the flexibility to manage your customer communication at all times. Answer calls from your clients and keep in touch with your colleagues from outside the office from anywhere. This app not only helps you stay connected and productive but will also provide your business with a clear competitive edge.


VoIP VS traditional phones

With the rise of remote working and the 2025 switch-off rapidly approaching, many businesses are still hesitant on making the switch from traditional phones to VoIP. While traditional phones have served business well over the past years, the flexibility that VoIP can provide is like no other. Alongside the many useful features and cost-savings, it’s a no-brainer for businesses to start making the switch.

The primary distinction between VoIP and landline is that VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice data, whereas landlines use traditional phone lines. VoIP allows for greater location flexibility and often has lower costs, whereas landlines have higher reliability and call quality. The disadvantage of landlines is that they can be quite costly. Landline phone systems necessitate both phone service and line rental. The initial setup is also quite costly. Landline phones are also limited in terms of mobility and flexibility, as users can only make and receive calls in a fixed location where the phone line is installed.

frequently asked questions

Want to know more about our VoIP phone solutions? Here are a couple FAQs to answer any questions you may have:

1. How does VoIP actually work?

VoIP works by converting your voice into a digital signal, allowing users to make calls using a VoIP phone or any internet-connected device. It is extremely cost-effective because all calls are made over the internet, all while maintaining the quality of your communication systems.

How VoIP works:

  1. Your phone is connected to your router or switch.
  2. You make or receive a call from your VoIP phone system.
  3. Your VoIP app converts your voice into a digital signal, which is sent over the internet.
  4. The call reaches the VoIP service provider which exchanges data packets from your IP phone.

A VoIP phone system works similar to many phone calling apps such as Teams, Facetime and WhatsApp, that allow you to make phone calls over the internet.

2. How is the call quality on VoIP phones?

The quality of the call is largely dependent on your internet connection. However, with advancements in technology, VoIP systems can offer high-quality voice calls with minimal latency, noise or interruptions.

3. Are there any disadvantages to VoIP?

Yes. Just like any part of your IT infrastructure, VoIP also has its disadvantages. VoIP relies heavily on a stable internet connection. Call quality may suffer or calls may be dropped if the internet connection is poor or interrupted. VoIP phones are also vulnerable to power cuts. Unlike traditional landline phones, which can function even when the power goes out, VoIP requires power to function. In the event of a power cut, you will be unable to make phone calls, which can be inconvenient for your business.

4. What hardware or equipment do I need for VoIP?

When integrating a VoIP system into your business all you’ll need is a device that is connected to the internet, and a headset or microphone for audio input. The device which you use must have the softphone software or VoIP app installed. You can also use a dedicated VoIP telephone, which are extremely simple to set up. Once that has all been set up, you’re ready to start making calls.

5. Can I transfer over my existing phone number?

Most of the time you can transfer your existing phone number to a VoIP provider. It is best to get in touch with our experts to see if your existing phone number can be transferred.

6. Can I use VoIP with my existing phone hardware?

Yes. By using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) you can use your exiting phone hardware and integrate it with a VoIP system. This means you can use a system your staff are already aware of while making the most of the features VoIP has to offer.

7. Is VoIP suitable for a small business?

Our VoIP solutions are perfect for small businesses due to the cost-savings, scalability, and flexibility it has to offer. It is great for businesses who want to grow and improve their communication without significant upfront costs.


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the 2025 switch off

BT Openreach plan to switch off all traditional PSTN & ISDN phone lines in 2025. This is due to the costly nature of traditional phone lines. Businesses and homes will be required to make the switch to move over to a more advanced VoIP phone system before 2025.

Timeline of VoIP 2025 Switch Off

why choose us?

At Edmondson’s IT Services, we combine our in-depth industry knowledge with a passion for technology to bring you the best possible solutions. With over 10 years of experience, and helping customers nationwide, there isn't much we haven't seen or done. We’ve helped hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, nationwide, to evolve their IT infrastructure. Our team is dedicated to grow your business through the power of IT. We listen to your needs and requirements to offer you a solution that not only works for you, but also work with you.

For business owners, VoIP can oftentimes be confusing and the process of switching or migrating from an old system or previous IT provider, can be daunting. This is why we’ve completely simplified the process to ensure you can focus on the things that matter. The plug and play nature of our phones allows you to connect with your customers from anywhere, allowing to enhance your relationship with your customers. Our future-proof VoIP solution guarantees long-term scalability so that you can continue to use the same software as your business grows.


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