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phone line replacement service


At Edmondson's IT Services we understand that your phone number is essential to your business. PhoneLine+ has been designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver calls over a broadband network.

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why do you need PhoneLine+?

Public-switched telephone network is being turned off! In order to keep your phone and number working you need to move to a new network where voice calls are delivered using the same infrastructure as data using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. If you already have a broadband service then it is likely that it will be able to support PhoneLine+.


manage unanswered calls

With PhoneLine+ you can use the voicemail option and record a personal greeting or select a previous message that has been stored in your media library.

You can choose to have your calls diverted to a colleague or redirect them to an external phone, and elect to have the calls announced and the number displayed, so that the calls are answered appropriately. If you are diverting calls to your personal mobile, then PhoneLine+ makes it easy to identify business and non-business calls.

PhoneLine+ also allows you to set your out of hours for each day. You can set a specific out of hours message and choose how you want the calls to be directed when your business is closed giving you the ability to manage your customers expectations.

hassle-free switch

At Edmondson's IT Services, we can update and maintain your phone system. As an account administrator, you have complete control over who is a subscriber in your company which makes it easy to add and remove users as well as relocating any phone numbers when required.

With PhoneLine+, there is no need to start over again. You can take your existing phone number with you, ensuring there is no disruption for your customers and saving you money on your marketing materials.

what are the features?


With PhoneLine+ you can have more than one number per subscriber. You can choose to use dedicated numbers for different functions, this means that you can anticipate the reason for the call and answer accordingly, giving the impression of a larger business.


PhoneLine+ has a built-in reporting setting which allows you to see your call patterns and usage trends. You can also check if calls are answered when you are out of the office. The reports can be filtered by time, users, numbers or you can create your own report.


PhoneLine+ allows you to set a custom out of hours profile for every day of the week. You can also have an out of hours message that is specifically for when your business is closed.


PhoneLine+ offers all the key features of a traditional phone system including voicemail, call diverts, call hold, contact directory, call transfer, call forwarding and number withholding.

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