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The experienced team of engineers at Edmondson's IT Services have been working with clients across Yorkshire and the UK to configure wired networks that prove to be reliable and stable.

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what is a wired network?

A wired network is a type of configuration that uses wired cables to connect different types of devices together. At Edmondson's IT Services we understand that creating and managing a reliable network for you business can be a chore. Running cables, installing sockets, patching, testing, and securing are all part of creating a solid network. Edmondson’s IT can help you get the most out of your network by ensuring you’re using the best equipment, identifying and fixing any faults, and even expanding your network as your business grows.

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how can Edmondson's IT help?

Our team of highly skilled engineers are here to help our clients with:


We will diagnose any areas of weakness in your network. Damaged or exposed cables, old and slow hardware, or even loose connections can severely hinder your business.


We have vast experience in installing and expanding networks, ensuring your business is fully connected. From a two-computer setup, to large-scale factory and warehouse networks, we have the skills required to get you and your business connected.


We only use the best products available to us, from reputable suppliers like Netgear, TP Link, and Draytek, to ensure your network is the best it can possibly be.

benefits of wired networks


Wired networks are known for their reliability as they provide a stable connection as they connect physically to network ports. This results in lower latency or delay, allowing you and your team to work much more efficiently.


Working efficiently is the core to every business. Wired networks provide much faster and reliable network at much higher speeds. This makes them ideal for businesses who want to improve the way they work.


Due to the ease of expanding your current wired network, you’re able to have a solution that grows with your business. This means that regardless of how fast your business grows, your network infrastructure will be able to meet these changing demands.


The hardware required for wired networks are much cheaper than wireless networks. They are also incredibly durable, you’ll be able to use the hardware for a long time before you need to switch them out.


Wired networks offer much higher security in comparison to wireless networks as it is much more difficult to for unauthorised users to access the network as it isn’t visible to other users. This makes wired networks more suitable for business who exchange or store sensitive information.


why choose us?

At Edmondson’s IT Services, the wealth of knowledge of our experts means that we’re able to install and expand networks with ease. We can install a new network system or upgrade and existing infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Our customer-first approach that enables us to establish a working relationship like no other. As your responsive and dedicated IT partner, we aim to provide you with the confidence that your wired networks are managed by an IT provider that cares about you. Our experience and quality products mean that no matter how small or large a business is, we’re here to help you stay connected at all times.

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We offer a completely customised service to support your business.


We have a price match guarantee in place to ensure you're getting the best service without compromising on quality.


Using our internal monitoring systems, we're able to fix issues before they occur.