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the ultimate cybersecurity certification


Give your business that boost in cyber security it deserves with Cyber Essentials. Designed with business needs in mind, it is a cost-effective way to strengthen your cyber resilience.

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Cyber Essentials

cyber essentials: save money, protect your business

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed cybersecurity certification scheme to help businesses of all sizes stay protected online. The certificate provides a set of cybersecurity best practices that businesses can implement to improve their digital security. Businesses have the opportunity to assess their current infrastructure security and compare it to the current Cyber Essentials benchmark standard. The main aim of the certification is to protect businesses against common cyber threats as well as boost their reputation with customers. By achieving your certification, you’re taking a step towards keeping your business, your customers, and your suppliers safe. It helps to stop breaches, save you money, grant you a competitive advantage, and maintain business integrity.

the facts about cybercrime

These are the official statistics from the Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2022.


In the last 12 months, 39% of businesses identified a cyber attack.

1 in 5

1 in 5 businesses said they experienced a negative outcome as a result of a cyber attack.


Phishing attacks were the most common type of cyber attack for businesses, accounting for 83% of all attacks.

cyber essentials and cyber essentials plus

There are two types of Cyber Essential certificates:

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity measures and practices that businesses should have it place. The certification process includes a self-assessment questionnaire in which a qualified assessor will review your answers to make sure everything is correct. By achieving this certification, businesses demonstrate that they have taken the essential steps to protect themselves against common cyber threats.

First step towards enhanced digital security

Reduce risk of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities

Data protection

Build trust with customers and suppliers

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus Logo

This certification takes it one step further when it comes to business online security. It first requires you to achieve the Cyber Essentials certificate. It will then require a qualified assessor who will carry out an audit of your IT infrastructure. The assessor will then confirm whether your business complies with the Cyber Essentials standards or not.

Deep insight into your security through a qualified assessor

Meet specific industry standards

Higher level of online security

Implement more advanced security measures

benefits of cyber essentials

Build Brand Awareness

Having a Cyber Essentials certification by your side can help increase the level of trust within your customers and suppliers. Stakeholders feel much more comfortable interacting with your business as well as be used as a powerful tool to boost brand awareness.


A simple process with a Cyber Essentials certification fee starting from £295. This is a serious cost-effective investment, considering that the average cost of cybercrime for UK businesses reported by UK government is £4,200. The certificate not only helps to protect your business from cyber threats, but also save money in the long run.

Boost Online Security

The key benefit of Cyber Essentials is to help protect your business from common cyber attacks that not only lead to downtime but can also cause financial harm. It also provides you with the peace of mind that your business is protected at all costs.


The certification can help set you apart from your competitors and can be used as a way to increase trust and confidence within your business.

Business enabler

The certification can help businesses meet requirement within their industry. For example, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus is a pre-requirement for bidding on certain UK government and public sector contracts.

partnership with bulletproof

We’ve partnered up with Bulletproof, a trusted global cybersecurity organisation, known for their innovative security products and people-centric services, including Cyber Essentials certification. Bulletproof helps simplify and solve cybersecurity challenges for business to protect their brand, and assets against the ever-evolving threat landscape. With nearly a decade of providing cybersecurity, information security & data protection support, Bulletproof are the best way to stay one step ahead of the hackers, take control of your infrastructure and protect business-critical data. Partnering up with Bulletproof allow us to work with an organisation that makes cybersecurity accessible for all. With their combined industry knowledge and pioneering technology, they are confident in providing solutions that strengthen their cyber resilience. Combined with their industry-leading team of security professionals, they help your business to grow.


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