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Everything is wireless these days, your phone, laptop, PC and TV. Even your fridge can require a strong and secure wireless function. Many businesses across Yorkshire have chosen Edmondson's IT to be their business wifi service providers.

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dedicated WiFi services

Our services include site-to-site connectivity with dedicated Line of Sight hardware, single access point for small offices, huge multi-AP and mesh networks. We are dedicated to ensuring your wifi network works for you.

No more dead spots and multiple networks as our mesh network solutions eliminates this by blanketing your entire building in one integrated wireless network. As well as providing business wifi services, we also offer VoIP phone systems which allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of the traditional phone system line- allowing you to reduce business call costs and save money.

Edmondson's IT Services, West Yorkshire

what are the benefits of our Business WiFi?

If you want a stable business wifi connection, there are a number of benefits that you will see by using our WiFi services, some of them are below:


We can help you secure WiFi for your business so that no unauthorised users can access it. If you want to offer a private guest network to your customers? No problem, we can help with that too. We can also set up a data collection point for your network so that you can learn more about them before granting access to your network.


We only use the best products available to us, from reputable suppliers like Netgear, TP Link, and Draytek, to ensure your network is the best it can possibly be. The management tools they provide allow us to see which areas have the most traffic, as well as how much data is flowing through your network.


Do you provide a “Guest” network for your customers, clients, or the public? With our WiFi data capture solutions you can ask your guests to provide information such as their name and email address to allow you to offer them direct marketing, offers, or incentives.

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