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A great website showcases your business, attracts new customers and generates enquiries & sales. Edmondson's IT provide secure website hosting services so you can rest assured knowing that your website is safe.

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why host with us?

Some choose to develop websites on their own using tools such as GitHub and its git deploy function but we understand that can be quite advanced for many of you out there. That’s why we offer our own website hosting service for you. To make sure your website is fast, responsive and running efficiently when your prospects and clients need it, it must be supported by a quality website hosting solution; which we are proud to provide.

Our website hosting services are fully compliant with online industry standards (including HTML, PHP, WordPress, ASP, and many more) our experienced and accredited team will ensure that your website is safe and secure at all times. In addition to web hosting, we also provide advanced and secure servers to offer our hosting customers an outstanding 99% up-time assurance.

Website Hosting. Edmondson's IT
Website Hosting

secure your website

Securing your website by partnering with a hosting provider who values website security is an important step in developing a strong online presence while protecting your website. This is why we've teamed up with Plesk, an award-winning posting technology that enables us to implement specific security measures that significantly improve your security. Unlike most hosting companies, we perform daily backups and automatic updates on all of the websites we manage. This ensures that your website can be restored in the event of a cyber-attack. The smart updater feature will inspect the update to ensure it has no negative impact on the site.

frequently asked questions

Want to know more about our website hosting solutions? Here are a couple FAQs to answer any questions you may have:

1. How much storage do you offer?

Storage is set to unlimited by default for all our websites. We are aware of some extremely large sites and hosting them will be slightly more expensive; however, there are no storage limits, and our servers are capable of hosting large websites.

2. What is server up-time and how much do you offer?

Server uptime is the amount of time that a system is operational and accessible without requiring a complete shutdown or restart. Higher uptime indicates greater dependability and ensures that your website is always available. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

3. Do you offer email hosting?

Yes. We provide reliable hosting and email packages that are tailored to any type of business. Our low-cost business email hosting service gives you a professional edge while also increasing the security of your emails. We provide everything your business requires to get up and running; why not contact our team today to see how we can assist you?

4. I have multiple domains. Can I host multiple domains on a single hosting account?

Yes, our powerful servers allow you to host multiple domains on a single account. Each domain can have its own website and email services.

5. How much does hosting costs?

Hosting for a standard site costs £100 per year, with the SSL certificate being £75 per year. However, as previously stated, prices can vary depending on the size of the site, so it's best to speak with our experts about how much your site will cost to host.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

why choose us?

At Edmondson's IT Services, we are committed to providing you with the best web hosting services possible. Our servers are designed to support a variety of different websites in order to guarantee that your website is always up and running. We offer these services at a price that suits your budget so that you can be sure that your website is always safe and secure. Our hosting packages include daily backups, 100 GB/month bandwidth as well as SSL/TLS certificates. We also provide you with dedicated support so you can be sure your site will stay safe and secure at all times.

Our team of experts will help you choose the right package for your business and your needs and requirements. We have a wide range of packages available, so we can be assured we can find a package that works best for you.

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