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an added layer of security


Businesses rely heavily on passwords, and it’s not uncommon for

businesses to have hundreds of passwords that they need to keep track of. From email

accounts to important business subscriptions, it is nearly impossible to remember

all the essential passwords your business uses. An even bigger challenge is having

a strong and unique password for each account, and then remembering them. This

is where a password manager comes in. A password manager is a highly secure

tool designed to store all your business passwords in one location.

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what is LastPass?

At Edmondson’s IT, we offer LastPass, as your handy password management solution to ensure your complex passwords are stored securely in one digital vault. LastPass is designed with security in mind and its main aim is to simplify the process of managing multiple different passwords and accounts. It also has an auto-fill tool in which it’ll automatically fill in your login credentials, saving you time from manually entering in your login details.

Have trouble coming up with a different password for each account? LastPass can generate strong and unique passwords for your accounts, providing you with a digital barrier that helps protects against brute-forces and cyber-attacks. These passwords are carefully crafted to meet high security standards, providing you with complete peace of mind.


importance of password management


Passwords are usually a business’ first line of defence of your sensitive information. Investing in a robust password management tool can help ensure that you’re reducing the risk of data breaches.


Most if not all your business data will be stored online. This includes your financial data. Having a password management system that generates unique and strong passwords gives you unrivalled control over your finances and other business data.


No more looking through different files for the passwords you need. Password managers can streamline the login process as all your passwords are in one place, saving you time and improving your productivity.

key features and benefits of LastPass

Here are a couple of features that set LastPass apart, as well as the many advantages it can provide to your business

password security

One of the primary features of LastPass is to enhance your password security, giving you the opportunity to create complex passwords to help boost the safety of your business.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

LastPass offers options to implement two-factor authentication (2FA), which acts as an extra security layer beyond your passwords. Implementing 2FA can seriously boost your password security and allows only authorised users to access your accounts.

Improve employee experience

Keeping things different within your business processes, including your password management can reduce the frustrations associated with having to remember, and repeatedly enter the same passwords over and over again. LastPass gives employees a simple approach to their passwords, especially the single sign on feature which can store all other websites or credentials in their LastPass vault.

easy management

Managing multiple passwords can be time-consuming and many businesses fail to do this, regardless of how important it is. This results in businesses using the same password across multiple accounts, posing serious security risks. LastPass allows businesses to easily and securely store and organise their passwords, saving you time and the hassle.

complete admin control

LastPass gives you complete control over your business passwords, including monitoring end-user activity, so you know how your employees are using your passwords. It also provides businesses give the correct access to authorised users, ensuring you’re only giving access to the right people. LastPass also offers access and authentication solutions for businesses, giving admins control and employees easy access to their work.

account monitoring

LastPass constantly monitors your employees’ accounts and alerts them if their information has been compromised. This is done by continuously checking your email address against a database of breached credentials and immediately notifies you. This helps to keep your accounts safe and instantly take action to protect your accounts from future breaches.


unparalleled security

LastPass has a set of built-in security measures to proactively safeguard your data. One of the many security features is their data encryption. All data which is stored in the LastPass vault, is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. This means that even in the event of a data breach, decrypting and deciphering the data is incredibly difficult, protecting your data if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Additionally, LastPass adheres to a zero-knowledge security model, which means that not even LastPass themselves can access or view your stored passwords. Only you and your business can access the data, and that can only be done with a master password. The platform also includes a security challenge feature that assesses your password strength and also identifies your passwords that are weak or reused and provides suggestions for stronger passwords.

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