Optimise Your Service Page

We have covered how to optimise your homepage, now we are looking at optimising your service pages to convert your visitors into potential leads. Our web designer has put togther 8 tips for you to use.

Optimise Your Service Page

In a previous blog, we covered how to optimise your homepage. Now we are going to cover how to optimise your service pages to help to increase conversions! But first, what is a service page? A service page shows your client what you do as well as showing other reasons as to why they should choose your business. The content will include testimonials, results, USPs and contact forms. The main aim of the page is to convert website visitors into customers.

Having worked on over 300+ website projects, our web developer has put together 8 ways to optimise your service pages to increase your chance of converting potential leads. So how can you improve your service page:

  1. Clear Title
    Your main title on your service page (H1 tag) needs to tell you the user what you are offering. If you are targeting a local area then include that in your title, for example 'IT support in Liversedge'. This will help to increase your rankings in the local area.
  2. Contact Form
    One of the best ways to increase your conversion is to have a contact form above the fold. You need to think about how you want your customer to use the website, if you want your user to request a demo or sign up to a newsletter/offer then tell them clearly. Don't make the mistake of trying to get as much information as possible from the contact form, people simply won't fill it in. Keep it basic and get the initial lead, you can then follow it up.
  3. USPs
    We previously covered how important USPs are on the homepage but they play a bigger part on a service page. Once your user lands on the service page, they are looking for an answer to an issue they are having. If you can tell your user why they should choose you over a competitor then do it, if you have excellent reviews or offer free shipping then tell your user.
  4. Content!
    A lot of people make the mistake that the website is for them rather than it being for your user. If you create the content for your user, you are more likely to attract visitors that are willing to pay for your services. The more content you have, the more likely your user will stay around and the more likely search engines will be to put more of your website's pages in the search index. Click here to find out how to create quality content.
  5. Internal Links
    Now you have created quality content, you will want your service page to rank well. One way to do is this is with internal links. When Google crawls a website, your page becomes easily accessible as 'Google spiders' follow your other internal links and web pages to your service pages. Click here to find our more internal links.
  6. Build Backlinks
    Back linking is one of the most important ways of increasing search ranking signals. However, it is extremely difficult to get them to a specific page such as a service page. Firstly, what are backlinks? In theory, they represent a 'vote of confidence' from one site to another. New websites or those expanding trying to grow their online presence may find it time consuming at first, that is why tools such as Link Explorer can help uncover links and help you to target these domains into your own campaigns.
  7. Reviews!
    So now you have quality content with internal and back links. You have told your user what service you offer and why they should choose you over a competitor, so why not include some actual reviews. If someone has used your services and left a review, use it!
  8. Accreditation's
    Again your aim with a service page is to convert visitors into customers, they may read your reviews but if you have certificates or well known accreditation's then that will help to convert them. In our case we offer IT services across the UK, we have a large number of reviews but we are partnered with Microsoft, Sage, 3cx and we want our visitors to know they can trust us. You should do the same!

If you want to increase your chances of converting visitors into leads then it is vital that all of the steps are followed and the steps on optimising your homepage are in place. At Edmondson's IT Services, every website we build, is built using Google's best practices and includes these tips, giving you the best possible organic results. If you are looking for a new website or are unsure on how your existing website is performing then get in touch with us today.

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