Offsite Data Backups

The last thing a business owner wants to experience is data loss or theft. As it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, in this blog we are going to explain why offsite data backups are so important to every business.

Offsite Data Backups

We all know that data is valuable especially for a business. In the event of a disaster, data loss or theft is the last thing any business wants to experience. As it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, in this blog we are going to explain what offsite data backups are and why they are so important to every business.

What Is An Offsite Data Backup?

An offsite data backup is where the backup is being managed outside of the company's vicinity. Basically the backup will not be managed in the way primary data is being stored. There are two ways of backing up data, they are:

Why Are The Benefits Of Offsite Data Backups?

Every business owner is concerned about the security of their data. Some of the benefits of offsite data backups are:

  1. Reliability - user's files and documents will automatically be backed up to the remote server.
  2. Reduction In Workload - traditional backups require dedicated IT staff to backup the files. Backing your data up offsite means that your staff are able to do their original jobs. Offsite data backups are triggered in a mouse click and can also be scheduled to continue automatically.
  3. Easy Setup - Users only need to specify the folder and the frequency of the backups, taking away any hassle.
  4. Security - As the data is backed up remotely, it increases the level of security but most backups use advanced encryption tools. This makes the data blind for everyone except the owner of the data.

How Can Edmondson's IT Help?

The team at Edmondson's IT Services can help to protect your business with our secure data backups. We understand that a reliable and secure data backup solution is one of the first things a business needs. Our engineers monitor our clients backups to make sure they are stored properly. In addition, we also develop a full disaster recovery plan for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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