FREE Windows 11 Upgrade

So you want to get a free Windows 11 upgrade? You have come to the right place, in this blog we explain the steps that you can follow if you want to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for FREE!

FREE Windows 11 Upgrade

How would you like to upgrade to windows 11 for free? Technically, Windows 11 isn't free but if you have a compatible windows 10 laptop or desktop computer then you may be eligible for a free upgrade!

The Methods of Upgrades

So you want to get a free windows 11 upgrade? You can take one of several approaches. The easiest way is simply wait for Microsoft to automatically push the upgrade to your system via Windows Update. This method may take months though and Microsoft said earlier this year that they won't roll out the update till 2022!

If you would prefer to speed up the upgrade then you can have two methods - an in place upgrade or clean installation. An in-place upgrade will leave all your files and applications as they are where a clean install will wipe all the data before installing Windows 11 to your machine.

Choose Your Method

In order to implement the methods, head to Microsoft's Windows 11 download page. If you want to do an in-place upgrade then you can use the Windows 11 installation assistant. For a clean install, you will need to create a bootable USB drive or DVD disc. Windows users should try the media creation tool for this process where Mac or Linux users will have to flash or burn the ISO file for Windows 11 to a drive or disc. If you need further help on this, read PC Worlds guide on how to upgrade to Windows 11 for more details.

Once you have chosen your upgrade method make sure you check the Windows 11 upgrade checklist. This will help you with the process and make a recovery faster should anything go wrong. While you are waiting for the installation to complete, you can read about the Windows 11 features that we previously blogged about.

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