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What Are The Benefits Of 3cx?

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Benefits of 3cx

Now that more and more employees are working from home, businesses are adapting to, and opting for remote working as a result. This means that remote workers are needing to make sure they have a great internet and phone service provider that they can trust such as Satellite Internet Now. Companies like this specialise in satellite broadband which means that they can reach homes no matter their location as rural properties often struggle to be connected via cable. Working from home means multiple calls that have to be taken or made and is why having a unified communications system in place, which you can find more about here, is more important than ever for businesses all over the globe, whatever the size.

So what is 3cx? 3CX is a VoIP phone system that allows you to work on-site or in the cloud with IP phones and SIP trunks. 3CX has made it easy for businesses to collaborate effectively, stay connected and boost productivity no matter where they are. As long as your internet speed is up to par, you will always experience high quality connections. So, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective VoIP phone system for your small business then read on and check out these benefits of 3CX phone system. If you are unable to access the phone mentioned above, there are multiple other VoIP Phones on the market that do a similar job, allowing businesses to communicate with clients and customers easily.

Here at Edmondson’s IT Services we have put together 5 benefits of 3cx, they are:

  1. Cut Your Costs
    3CX VoIP phone system uses SIP trunks that you can plug easily into the PBX without manual configuration. With that, businesses can avoid to pay for any unused capacity and reduce the overall cost of phone bills by up to 80%.
  2. Take Total Control
    With all the Unified communication features included as standard and all managed from one user-friendly platform, it means that you can take complete control over your phone system. There is no need for any extra add-ons. Features include chat, web conferencing, fax to email and many more that can ultimately help boost productivity and time management.
  3. Easy To Install & Manage
    There is no need to worry about installation and management with 3CX as templates are already pre-configured for easy integration with SIP trunk providers. Because of the advanced security features, you are sure to get automatic updates and gobal IP blacklists. For maximum flexibility, 3CX phone system can be deployed in the cloud or on-site with Windows, Linux, MiniPC or Raspberry PI.
  4. Work From Anywhere
    Transparent communication and collaboration among teams is very important when it comes to remote working and with 3CX phone system, you are guaranteed to get a reliable and secure full featured web conference solution that allows you to work anywhere, anytime!
  5. Improve Customer Service
    As articles such as this one from Salesforce will tell you, ensuring best practices for customer service can be a critical element to having a successful business. Your customers expect exceptional service and – truthfully speaking – It should be a bare minimum. 3CX can help you improve your customer service by making sure that you are able to pick up customer calls anywhere. With the multi-channel features, you can easily respond back to customers promptly whether they are communing via email, web chat or mobile. Lastly, a VoIP phone system is cost-efficient, and as your business grows and have more employees, you can add additional lines at little to no cost.

If you are struggling or having issues with your internet phone system because of high phone bills, downtime or maintenance, then it might be time for you to consider a more reliable VoIP phone system like 3cx.

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