Cyber Security Services

We provide and implement sustainable cyber security strategies for small businesses across Yorkshire and the UK. We aim to secure your organisation from possible cyber attacks.
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Cyber Security Services

What is cyber security?
Cyber security is the practice of defending and protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems and data from malicious digital attacks aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information; extortion or work disruption. Cyber defence levels range from network, application, information, operational security to disaster recovery and end-user education. To learn more about cyber security solutions, it might be worth contacting one of the best London IT companies if that's where the business is located. They should be able to implement some effective security solutions to try and prevent hackers from gaining access into the business. You may also be interested in other ways you can protect your computer, for example, you can download adwcleaner and similar software, which helps to clean up unwanted programs as well as look for malware that can affect your system.

With the rise in remote work arrangements and the threat level from cyber security attacks, no business is ever too safe from an attack. When it comes to cyber security, defence is the best offence.

How can you optimise your cyber security measures?

  1. Education
    Teach your users to spot and eliminate potential cyber security threats like suspicious emails, avenues for phishing attacks, poor encryptions, suspicious links, social networking dangers and compromised physical security.
  1. Establishing and enforcing cybersecurity policies and regulations
    Establish and implement strict, uncompromising cyber security policies that apply to all members of staff. The guidelines may include rules on connecting to servers, secured access to shared files on the cloud, device control lists, use of personal devices in the office environment and a routine device audit.
  1. Safety first
    Create firewalls to filter incoming and outgoing traffic through your institutional network. Implement multifactor authentication systems that detect and eliminate threats accordingly. Enhance your data protection measures through multi-step verification and randomised access keys. If you're not particularly tech savvy, you may want to enlist the help of something like Boise it services.
  1. Encryption and passwords
    As the first line of defence, strong passwords can prevent and delay attackers. A reliable, effective password management tool or plan ensures that every access code/encryption key used within the
    company remains anonymous and available to authorized users.
    Encourage your members to change their passwords frequently and randomly as directed by the password management tool. Take a step further to secure and encrypt wireless networks or encourage the use of VPNs to obtain access to the institutional network.
  1. Antivirus and malware protection
    Most people have installed some form of virus/threat detection and resolution program. A proper, comprehensive and up-to-date antivirus is capable of detecting, removing and patching up malware
    before they infect your system. A dedicated anti-malware system adds several layers of security, including filtering and web-based threat management.
  1. Security patches and updates
    As security gets tighter, viruses and malware also become smarter. To counter this threat, a security patch/update or an antivirus definitions update automatically upgrades your antivirus software so
    that it can easily detect and quarantine new virus in time. Up-to-date antivirus programs protect you against real-time threats.
  1. Backup and data recovery strategies
    When it comes to the worst, backing up your data is an invaluable safety net that keeps your files and data secure. Creating a digital copy of everything so that you can restore it when a data breach
    happens means that in the event of an attack, you can still continue working while your IT team, or data recovery experts that you have outsourced (learn more here) restores your data.

How can Edmondson's IT Services help?
Business continuity is the cornerstone of every cyber security plan. Edmondsons IT Services offer data backup and recovery solutions that securely, remotely and continuously backup files, settings, encryption keys to a secure off-site server to prevent any downtime in the event of a cyber security attack.

We provide and implement sustainable cyber security strategies for small businesses. A reputable cyber defence program like ours secures your organisation from possible cyber threats including data theft, ransomware, malware, phishing, social engineering and downtime.

Edmondsons IT Services continually monitors and updates its security measures based on vulnerabilities and weak spots in your cyber defence plans and global cyber security improvements. We provide first-class cyber security protection, including next-generation firewalls, DNS filtering, malware protection, antivirus software, backups, antispam, email security solutions.

We also offer a free IT health check to educate your team on how they can play an active role in keeping your company safe.

Contact our team on 01924 666660 to find out how we can support your business.

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