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Swallow Dental Supplies offer an ever-expanding product range designed to meet the surgical and hygienic requirements of their customers.


Just like many businesses in today’s business world, Swallow Dental were incredibly worried about their online security.


Our team implemented a range of services, such as LastPass, Microsoft intune, etc. to enhance their security.

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Founded in 1998, Swallow Dental Supplies has established itself as leading experts within their industry. They offer an ever-expanding product range designed to meet the surgical and hygienic requirements of their customers. Initially launched as a one-person operation in October 1988, the company has since expanded to include a 25-member team of employees, proving themselves as a company with high goals and ambitions. Whether it's bone augmentation materials or cutting-edge PDT hand instruments, Swallow’s commitment to their customers is unbeatable within their field. Their team of experts have a dedication to innovation and make it their mission to listen to each customer to make their working lives easier.


Just like many businesses in today’s business world, Swallow Dental were incredibly worried about their online security. In the business world where each day comes with increasing digital threat and vulnerabilities, they had growing concerns about the need to protect their sensitive business data and important financial information. They were quick to recognise the need to boost their cybersecurity measures to safeguard their business and give themselves the peace of mind that their business had the appropriate measures in place. This proactive approach was not only about maintaining their business’ integrity, but also makes sure their business could operate without any downtime or disruptions. Swallow Dental’s growing concerns, lead them in getting touch with us to help them secure their business. After an in-depth consultation with our experts about their needs and requirements, we offered a couple solutions to fortify their digital security.



One of the solutions we provided was LastPass, a robust password manager that helps businesses centralise their password storage. This is crucial as passwords are usually the first line of defence when it comes to protecting businesses from cyber-attacks and data breaches. This was incredibly useful for Swallow as they would face the challenge of managing and tracking their wide range of different passwords and credentials. This enabled Swallow Dental to consolidate their passwords into one central hub allowing secure sharing across the organisation. It also helped boost their digital security due to the unique security features LastPass provides. All passwords stored in their LastPass vault is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. This means that even in the event of a data breach, decrypting and deciphering the data is incredibly difficult, protecting their data it ends up in the wrong hands. The platform also includes a security challenge feature that assesses their password strength and identifies passwords that are weak or reused and provides suggestions for stronger passwords. To ensure an efficient implementation, we used the Active Directory Sync and Group Policy to allow LastPass Add-In to be on the web browser by default. This helped us effectively ensure that all user devices had it installed so all users could start using LastPass as soon as possible.

Microsoft Intune:

A significant number of Swallow Dental’s staff had Microsoft applications installed onto their mobile devices to ensure they could work from anywhere and stay updated with the business. However, having these apps on their phone provides another entry point for cyber criminals to obtain their sensitive data. Which is why we also offered Swallow with Microsoft Intune which is a cloud-based service and mobile device management (MDM) solution which combines productivity with business protection. Intune applies security on all their employee’s accounts, regardless of what device they’re working on. It also manages how devices can be used and control what content users and devices have access to. MS Intune also includes endpoint security, allowing us to protect their PCs by managing security policies. We rolled out MS Intune to help avoid the organisation’s data from being exploited in case of theft and staff leaving. The policy our team rolled out allows all the organisations application to be locked and require 2FA to get into the system.

Network Transformation:

In addition to protecting their business, we also helped transform their network to boost their productivity and help their business to run smoothly. We modernised their existing network and optimised configurations to boost efficiency and reliability. This transformation helped improve their overall performance, allowing them to suit their business growth and business demands. Our team of experts did this in a way that minimised downtime and disruptions to their business.

what were the key outcomes?

Better Control Over Their Data

Through the deployment of LastPass and Microsoft Intune allowed Swallow to gain better control over their data. Additionally, the network transformation optimised their data infrastructure for improved efficiency and reliability.

Improved Peace of Mind

Our approach to enhancing their security measures helped increase their peace of mind. Knowing their sensitive business data and financial information were well-protected allows their team to focus on other aspects of their business.

Enhanced Security

With the help of our suggestions and the services we offered, Swallow Dental Supplies were able to significantly improve their digital security. Implementing LastPass and Microsoft Intune and the security features they offer added an extra later of protection to their business.

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“Edmondson’s IT are a straight-talking company that you can trust to always point you in the right direction when making any IT decision. They've never pointed us to put a foot wrong with their expertise in the field.

Craig & the team have gotten us out of so many scrapes over the last 10 years or so. From servers dying to backups corrupting and data cabling being foolishly cropped, they always make sure we're fixed and up and running again quickly.

Edmondson's build all our PC's, which we've never had any issues with. Even if there were a problem, the team are very friendly and help you through your issues. In fact they have such good customer service that we've recently moved our phones over to their 3CX system.

I couldn't recommend Edmondson’s more.”

-Ben Harrison


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