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In this blog we are going to compare the benefits of an SSD (solid-state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive).

What Is An SSD?

An SSD (solid-state drive) stores information on microchips using flash memory, similar to a USB stick. The flash memory operates without any moving parts – on a solid state. It is known for faster data encoding and better battery life.

What Is An HDD?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive and is the technology that has been used in computers for decades. HDDs are the opposite of solid state drives in that they contain moving parts – fast spinning platters and magnetic heads that write and read data.

Pros & Cons

  • SSDs are faster than HDDs. An SSD can boot up within seconds whereas a HDD computer can take minutes
  • HDD is cheaper than SSD
  • SSDs last longer than HDDs due to their being no moving part which can become faulty
  • SSDs are ideal for the user who is always on the move as they can withstand impacts

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