Edmondson’s IT Services 2023 Round-up

What a year 2023 was. This year was full of adventures, from getting muddy in the Great Northern Mud Run to abseiling down a 45-meter building.

Edmondson’s IT Services 2023 Round-up

What a year 2023 was. This year was full of adventures, from getting muddy in the Great Northern Mud Run to abseiling down a 45-meter building. There were many fun and happy moments 2023 brought for the team here at Edmondson's IT Services, which helped to strengthen and bring the team closer together. We accomplished a lot this year and hope to achieve even more next year.

Let’s close this chapter by doing a quick roundup of everything we have done this year!

Submerged - The Great Escape Room:

The great escape game

We started off the year with a team event by venturing through an escape room where the team went head-to-head to beat each other.

The concept of the escape room: Imagine you are trapped beneath the ocean, lost somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Your only hope is to work together to solve the puzzle, communicate your emergency and resurface before your time runs out. The team we’re battling it out in order to escape a submarine with just 1 hour of oxygen left!

The team was split into two teams: Team Dale and Team Craig. Team Dale beat the escape room and managed to escape with 5 minutes left to spare. However, for Team Craig, the escape room got the better of them. Even though there was a clear winner this day, it led to lots of smiles, laughs, and memories.

Total Warrior - Great Northern Mud Run:

Total Warrior

On the 1st of July the team headed over to complete The Great Northern Mud Run in Bramham Park, a thrilling and challenging event where they took on the 12k run where they will tackle up to 25 obstacles.

We collaborated with Heckmondwike FB to raise money for our chosen charity of the year, Leeds Hospitals Charity! Leeds Hospitals Charity help hospitals across Leeds to provide them with the very best care, equipment and research available.

As the sun set and cheers filled Bramham Park, we celebrated not only individual accomplishments but also our collective success in raising funds for Leeds Hospitals Charity. The team had a great time on the run and plans to do it again next year, so keep an eye out for that!

Bobtown Beer Bash - 2023 Event Sponsors:

Bobtown Beer Bash

For the past couple of years, we have been supporting and sponsoring the Bobtown Beer Bash, a real ale festival held at The Community Centre in the village of Roberttown.

This year we were the event sponsors for the Bobtown Beer Bash and it was safe to say that the event was a success. We had our very own glasses, t-shirts, and a banner with our logos on them.

The Beer Bash had a great turnaround, and the day was endlessly lively. From the wonderful atmosphere to the spectacular live performance, the fun was endless! The best part of it all is that the event is non-profit making, and all proceeds are donated to local groups and charities.

Abseil – Leeds Hospitals Charity:

2023 Leeds Hospitals Charity Abseil

Our Managing Director, Craig, and Technical Director, Amber, bravely took on an abseil to support Leeds Hospitals Charity. The goal was to reach £300. However, thanks to everyone’s incredible support, we smashed our goal, and raised over £400!

Special shoutouts to Elite Systems for their generous £100 donation and The Pie Shed Mirfield for their generous £50 donation. This helped us get so much closer to our goal and really lifted the spirits in the office.

Expos, Expos, and More Expos…

2023 Expos

Last but definitely not least, Expos. We attended so many expos in 2023 where do we even start. We began the year by attending the Doncaster Business Showcase at the Doncaster Racecourse. We then attended expos in Leeds, Huddersfield, and Bingley across Yorkshire.

It was our first-year dabbling in the world of Expos to spread the word about who we are and why we do what we do. We networked and interacted with so many local businesses, and it was a fantastic opportunity for unique conversations.

Craig also did a speech for one of the expos where he covered all things IT. The main aim for the speech was to help businesses understand how to maximise their IT infrastructure's true potential.

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