Celebrating a Decade of IT Success

Everyone has dreams and ambitions in their lifetime, and we all try to make them come true. Back in 2011, Craig Edmondson made his dream of becoming a business owner in the tech industry a reality.

Celebrating a Decade of IT Success

Everyone has dreams and ambitions in their lifetime, and we all try to make them come true. Back in 2011, Craig Edmondson made his dream of becoming a business owner in the tech industry a reality. Beginning his passion for all things IT in his family home, the ambitions for his company were endless. 10 years later, Edmondson's IT Services has become an extremely successful and highly reputable business within the UK, particularly in Yorkshire.

The Early Years

Back in 2011, Craig was creating his business in his bedroom. Client relationships were forming and that code, well, it was being coded. The rapid growth of the business became clear to see and the bedroom soon outgrew itself, it was time to rent an office with actual staff members!

The small team of passionate tech savvy people were clearly a force to be reckoned with. The services that Edmondson's IT could offer grew and departments were formed. Now the company could provide IT support, Telecoms, Web Design and Software Development to businesses across Yorkshire.

Recent Years

It may seem like a cliche but the rented office also outgrew itself, it was time to take the plunge and purchase an Edmondson's IT Head Office. Now based on the Swan traffic lights in Liversedge, the new office has multiple modern office and of course more team members! In the past decade, Edmondson's IT has constantly supported young adults in their passion for a career in IT and has seen many young apprentices bloom into brilliant IT professionals that are now a huge asset to the business.

The Covid-19 pandemic was detrimental for everyone, particularly businesses in need of vital IT support. This is where Edmondson's IT played a huge part within the community. The team worked around the clock to provide consistent, friendly and experienced IT support to those who needed it most, whether it was providing businesses with an online presence or supporting them with remote working. The pandemic was something none us were prepared for but we were there for anyone who needed support.

It hasn't just been businesses that we have supported, we have sponsored local sports clubs such as Norristhorpe Juniors and Ossett Ladies WRFC whilst also raising money for multiple charities. The dream has now become a foundation for Craig to give back to people, much like his family, friend and clients who have believed in him over the past decade.

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