Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint to Help you Stay More Organised

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for businesses to improve their collaboration and stay more organised. It provides an incredibly secure location for users to store, organise, and access their files from any device. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint to Help you Stay More Organised

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for businesses to improve their collaboration and stay more organised. It provides an incredibly secure location for users to store, organise, and access their files from any device. In this blog, we cover the many benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint. But first things first, let's go into what makes SharePoint great.

Here's what makes SharePoint great:

  1. Easy Access: You can use SharePoint with just a web browser, like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.
  2. Collaboration: It's not just for storing files; you can also work on documents with others at the same time. SharePoint keeps track of changes, making teamwork smooth.
  3. Customisation: You can personalise SharePoint to fit your team's needs and integrate it with other tools or databases you already use.
  4. Integration with Microsoft Office: Since SharePoint is made by Microsoft, it works seamlessly with other Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  5. Versatility: SharePoint is handy for all sorts of things, like making internal websites for your team, managing projects, or even creating public websites.
  6. Workflow Support: It helps with managing tasks and processes, making teamwork more efficient.

1. Document Management and Storage:

One of the key benefits of Microsoft SharePoint is its document management and storage features which makes managing documents a lot easier. It helps users work more efficiently by keeping all documents in one place, making them easy to find and use. Plus, since SharePoint integrates smoothly with other Microsoft Office tools, like Word and Excel, it's simple to edit and share documents within a familiar ecosystem.

SharePoint is also incredibly scalable when it comes to document management. Businesses can start small and then add more features as they need them, without having to overhaul their whole setup. This flexibility is especially important for growing businesses that need their document systems to keep up with them. This comes in handy, especially when documents get updated a lot, as it prevents losing data and keeps a clear record of all changes made. It helps manage the risks that come with editing and sharing documents. By automatically saving each version, teams can work knowing their changes are safe and they can always go back to older versions if needed. This feature not only boosts collaboration by allowing multiple people to work on a document at once but also ensures compliance and data integrity by keeping all past versions accessible.

2. Communication Sites and Hub Sites:

Another benefit of using Microsoft Sharepoint is the Communication Sites and Hub Sites. Communication Sites are essentially digital bulletin boards, perfect for sharing broad information such as company announcements, department updates, or resources across the entire business. They ensure everyone has access to important information in an engaging way.

On the other hand, Hub Sites connect related sites to organise projects, departments, or regions into a cohesive structure. They improve discoverability and collaboration by bringing together related sites, sharing resources, and simplifying navigation. Being able to see news and activities from all associated sites in one place helps team members stay informed and aligned on project goals and business initiatives. These sites make it easier to share information and collaborate efficiently.

3. SharePoint Customisation:

Customising SharePoint lets businesses tweak their sites to match their needs and make them more user-friendly. You can begin with basic changes and gradually ramp up to more complex tweaks like adding special web parts, crafting unique templates, or linking up with other systems. This adaptability is why SharePoint is a go-to for businesses that want a solution that can grow with them.

If you're new to customisation, SharePoint Designer is your friend. It's a free tool by Microsoft that lets you design your site and streamline workflows without needing to know how to code. It's especially handy for smaller businesses that don't have a tonne of resources. For more advanced customisation SharePoint supports multiple familiar web languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With these, you can build super-customised experiences and features.

4. Integration with Other Microsoft Tools: 

Integrating Microsoft SharePoint with other Microsoft tools creates a smooth and efficient experience for users. This synergy is particularly handy for boosting collaboration and productivity across platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Teams, and OneDrive. By combining SharePoint with these tools, users can access, share, and manage content all from one place. This not only saves time by cutting down on app-switching but also keeps all documents and communications in one spot, making them easier to find and collaborate on.

What's more, is that tapping into Microsoft's ecosystem brings advanced security and compliance features into play, ensuring that sensitive info stays safe across the board. This beefs up project management and execution, leading to a noticeable uptick in productivity and efficiency. With integration, calendars, emails, and contacts sync up between SharePoint and Outlook, smoothing out communication. Linking up with Microsoft Teams means team members can collaborate on SharePoint docs in real-time during chats and meetings, adding an extra layer to teamwork.

5. Improved Security:

One other benefit of using Microsoft SharePoint is its comprehensive approach to safeguarding sensitive information. The platform comes with advanced security measures that protect against unauthorised access. This makes sure that only those with the right permissions can get their hands on the data.

What sets SharePoint apart is its flexible permission settings, allowing precise control over who can view, share, and edit documents. This not only boosts security but also streamlines collaboration, making it easier to work together on projects without sacrificing safety. Data encryption, both while stored and in transit, adds an extra layer of protection, shielding information from potential breaches and cyber threats.

Regular updates and maintenance keep SharePoint ahead of the curve when it comes to security. Microsoft is dedicated to keeping the platform secure, rolling out patches and updates to shore up any new vulnerabilities. By staying on top of these improvements, users can trust that their data is safeguarded by the latest security measures.

6. Increased productivity:

Microsoft SharePoint is also great at increasing productivity through its collaboration tools. It helps team members work together in real-time, breaking down barriers in businesses. This makes projects run smoother and improves the quality of work because everyone can share ideas and feedback easily. This leads to a more productive and innovative workflow.

Also, SharePoint is good at managing data. It keeps documents safe, makes them easy to find, and lets people share them without any hassle. This cuts down on wasted time and makes the business run more smoothly. With SharePoint, employees can spend less time on paperwork and more time on important tasks that help your business grow. Managing data this way is key to being more productive and effective overall.

7. Regulatory Compliance:

SharePoint is all about security, which is perfect for businesses that work in industries where they must comply with industry standards and regulations. SharePoint offers tools for managing documents securely, keeping them safe, and finding them easily, all of which are crucial for following complex rules. Plus, SharePoint keeps track of changes to documents and creates a trail so you can see who did what and when. This is extremely important for compliance purposes.

The platform's automated workflows also make it easier to follow the rules, cutting down on human errors and making things run smoother. With these features, Microsoft SharePoint is a must-have for any business wanting to stay on top of regulations, making sure they meet standards and laws while keeping everything running efficiently.

8. Central Administration:

If you are in charge of your company's SharePoint solution, you will undoubtedly need to fine-tune the setup on occasion. That may sound daunting but don't stress. SharePoint has got your back with its useful central admin console.

With the right access, authorised admins can make all the tweaks they need from one easy-to-use central hub. This means no more jumping around different pages. This saves time and makes sure everything stays consistent and efficient. Whether it's adjusting permissions, organising sites, or adding new features, the admin console is there to make your life easier, taking the hassle out of managing SharePoint.

9. Workflow Automation:

Workflow automation is a game-changer for businesses looking to boost how efficiently they work. It allows businesses to automate mundane tasks, making things quicker and more accurate. SharePoint allows for unique workflows such as approving, tracking, and storing documents. 

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