10 IT Support Red Flags You Need to Look Out For

There are many IT Support companies that claim to offer high-quality IT Support with no evidence to back up their success. In this blog, we've outlined some easy-to-spot red signals that will ensure you're working with a company that is keeping your IT network at peak efficiency.

10 IT Support Red Flags You Need to Look Out For

With the world becoming more and more digitalised, and businesses must rely on their IT infrastructure more than ever, it is important your business has an IT provider whose standards go beyond your expectation. Your IT provider should always look to offer innovative solutions that can drive your business. There are many IT Support companies that claim to offer high-quality IT Support with no evidence to back up their success. Therefore, you need to be aware of the many red flags which are prevalent within the IT industry.

These red flags are becoming increasingly common as the industry becomes more accessible. Not identifying these warning signs will end up posing a serious threat to your business and can end up hindering your business growth. In this blog, we've outlined some easy-to-spot red signals that will ensure you're working with a company that is keeping your IT network at peak efficiency.

1. The company has little to no online presence

A business’ online is crucial for identifying its legitimacy. This is also the case for the IT industry. If the company has a very simple website or no social presence, it can be a clear indication that they are not an established brand with a strong reputation in the market. Another way to spot this red flag is to check if they're listed on a reputable review site like TrustPilot. This will help you understand if they have actual customers or not who use their services to bring value to their business.

2. They're outsourcing your support to another provider

A very common but less known red flag is if an IT provider is outsourcing your IT support to another provider. This is a major red flag as it reduces the amount of control you have over your infrastructure and gives your business a third-party security risk to worry about. This means your data and infrastructure are at risk if the third-party provider is not up to par or has been hired without your knowledge. By outsourcing your support, you are not receiving the help you were promised, resulting in a poor return on investment.

You may potentially receive inadequate advice owing to a lack of data and communication as a result of your IT Support being handled by two different organisations. This means that the advice you receive isn't backed up with data or experience.

Hiring a new IT service provider is never an easy decision to make. You need to know that you’re going to be taken care of and that your technology is in good hands. With that said, if you are constantly being recommended upgrades to your infrastructure by your current provider with no clear or direct reason for the upgrade – it may be time for you to explore other options.

There are many future-proof solutions out there on the market to power your business and your IT provider should be making you aware of them. These solutions can last up to ten years, so if you're required to make yearly 'upgrades,' it could be a hint that your IT supplier is merely using you to increase their revenue, rather than to benefit your organisation. Your IT provider should also assist you in determining how to improve your IT network while staying within your budget.

4. Lack of communication:

Your IT support provider should be available when you need them the most, and clear and consistent communication is essential for a successful collaboration. However, if you are waiting for an urgent response for an extended period of time, you may be putting your business at risk. Your company has priorities, and time is valuable to any company. This is why you deserve an IT Support provider who prioritises your company. Having a provider who is available to you without you having to compete for their attention guarantees that you have a truly personalised service that assists you in achieving your strategic vision.

5. They're not interested in getting to know your business and your business goals:

When working with you, your provider should keep your business objectives in mind. If they aren't going the extra mile to learn about your company, it can be tough for them to assist you to find solutions that are both short-term and long-term.

A good IT Support provider will take the time to learn about your company and utilise that expertise to offer solutions that will help it develop. They will also be able to make recommendations for long-term solutions that fit within your budget and keep your company up to date on the latest technological developments.

6. They don't have a track record for creating success:

A reliable IT provider will be known for providing a service that works. The way other firms talk about them is a clear indication of this. Having real in-depth reviews is a solid indicator of a trustworthy provider.

You may also observe this by reading the case studies on their website. Even if these case studies are slightly biased, they are still a great method to understand how they help firms like yours and how they execute the solutions they have to offer.

7. Your IT Support provider doesn't add value to your business:

The primary purpose for partnering with an IT Support provider is to ensure that they bring value to your company. Working with an IT Support provider can give your company access to the quality support it needs, without the time and resources required to train an in-house workforce.

However, if you feel like nothing has changed in your business since working with your current provider, or if you aren't seeing a return on your investment, you could be losing a lot of money. Switching your IT Support Provider can be a difficult decision, but with the right company, it can be worth every penny.

8. They aren't transparent about the costs:

It's usual for an IT provider to promise you a lot of things on your initial call, but if they're not disclosing the costs for everything, they might not be the best IT provider for you. These companies have little to no regard for your budget and are fast to slap you with additional fees. Working with these providers might make it difficult to budget correctly, and you will gradually lose control of your business procedures. It can also be difficult to establish a rapport with them, leading to confusion about the degree of service they will deliver.

9. You often find yourself talking to a screen rather than an actual person:

If you find yourself sending support ticket after support ticket without having your queries answered, it can be extremely frustrating and result in you wasting more time than necessary. This means you have reduced time to focus on the aspects of your business that matter to grow your business. Choosing an IT provider with a variety of communication channels will provide you with the option of communication that works best for you.

10. They don't have answers to your questions:

As a business owner, you want your IT Support provider to have thoroughly trained and qualified technicians to assist you in navigating the world of technology. If your IT supplier can't answer your questions, it's a big indicator that they don't have the knowledge or solutions to help your organisation develop and prosper.

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