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Oldroyd Maintenance Services Ltd is one of the leading heating companies specialising in maintaining and installing systems in a range of commercial properties.


Despite the world of technology evolving and revolutionising, Oldroyd had become too accustomed to the old way of doing business. This way of working was not sustainable and was costing them a lot of time and money.


We came up with a two-part CRM system which consisted of a Web Application, and our bespoke flagship CRM system, Jobtracker. This helped to increase productivity while saving time and money.

Oldroyd Maintenance Services

Founded in 1991, Oldroyd Maintenance Services Ltd is one of the leading heating companies specialising in maintaining and installing systems in a range of commercial properties. Over the years, they have built up an excellent reputation while working with customers across Yorkshire. They’re a small team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to offer a service like no other.


Despite the world of technology evolving and revolutionising, some businesses failed to keep up with the modern era of a digitalised world. Oldroyd was one of them. Oldroyd had become overly accustomed to the way businesses used to operate with piles of paperwork and tonnes of dried out pens. The Oldroyd team did not live in the twenty-first century and relied on paper to keep the business running. They would manually send invoices, and many aspect of their business required a lot of manual data input. They also relied on engineers to return to the office with the job details from being out on site. These details were then scanned and emailed or posted to the customer.

Because of this outdated way of working, there weren't enough hours in the day, and employees were constantly overwhelmed by the number of tasks that needed to be completed throughout the day. Despite working every day at full capacity, productivity was slow, and the workday was even slower. This meant that they were slowly bleeding money in ways they didn’t even realise. They were unable to expand their business or build meaningful relationships with their customers.

microsoft teams


As a way to tackle this, we came up with the solution of Sharepoint, which allowed them to have a shared location for files. This helped to unlock their team’s full potential by working on documents at the same time. This unique collaboration tool meant that they were transformed into a team that thrived on productivity and bought a new spark into their company.

We also implemented a two-part CRM system, consisting of our completely customised CRM system, "Jobtracker," and a Web application. Jobtracker is our flagship CRM application, that is customised for each client. Their office staff use Jobtracker log jobs, deal with enquiries, issue invoices etc. Using the data collected from this, Jobtracker can create custom reports to help provide them with an understanding of the ins and outs of the business.

The web application is used by engineers at Oldroyd when they go out to sites. The office staff assign jobs to them via Jobtracker, which then appear on the web application for each of the assigned engineers. Using the web app, the engineers can complete their jobs, enter appropriate data and any notes which are all saved to the cloud database and instantly accessible by the office staff through Jobtracker. This helps the team to run as efficiently as possible, saving time and resulting in them being more productive. This new way of working revolutionised how Oldroyd’s engineers and office staff collaborated It has introduced a modern way of communication and enabled Oldroyd to implement a flawless system to please their customers.

This two-way system provided them with a powerful and advanced way to improve their quality of service they provide. The flexibility,

agility, and freedom these systems provided were like no other. They now have a way to take their company to new heights and push past the boundaries they had set for themselves.

Throughout this process, our team got to know the business inside and out and gained clear understanding of how to incorporate a business-focused solutions that seamlessly integrated with their current way of working. We were also able to offer a scalable solution that aligned with the way they would like to work in the future. This helped us come up with a strategy that would help their business grow. Implementing this strategy helped to provide Oldroyd with the flexibility to better manage their business and meet the needs and

expectations of their customers.

what were the key outcomes?

Jobtracker and Sharepoint now plays a huge role in the daily operations of Oldroyd and has impacted the business greatly.

Save time and money

Oldroyd saw a huge savings in time and money as a result of the new surge in productivity they had experienced, and they were now able to work more efficiently.

Greater insight

The new systems enabled them to generate detailed reports on all aspects of their business, giving them a better understanding of their processes. This meant that they could now make more informed business decisions that were backed by data.

Automated Tasks

Oldroyd can now automate mundane processes tasks to help speed up their day, allowing them to focus on the aspects that are important in helping them achieve their business goals and objectives.

Increased Collaboration

With the combination of Sharepoint, Jobtracker, and Web Application, the team at Oldroyd can work and collaborate from anywhere. This encourages them to have more meaningful business conversations while also saving time on job details and sending important documents.

Modern way of working

Our development services are built with scalability in mind to help keep up with your business’ growth, regardless of how fast or slow you grow. Because of the solutions we implemented, Oldroyd now have a system in place that can keep up with new technological advances and stay ahead of the curve.

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