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Heckmondwike FB is one of the UK’s leading specialists in commercial

carpets, fibre bonded carpets and carpet tiles.


Due to the nature of the manufacturing industry, Heckmondwike FB are required to log defects, however the previous system they had wasn't sustainable and the business eventually grew out of it.


We were able to create a new system to help improve the way they logged defects. This powerful new system was able to improve their productivity, and was designed with scalability in mind.

Heckmondwike FB


Heckmondwike FB is one of the UK’s leading specialists in commercial carpets, fibre bonded carpets and carpe tiles. They offer one of the widest ranges of hard-wearing carpets to a range of sectors ranging from schools, commercial offices, retail outlets, etc. From their manufacturing site in West Yorkshire, they have been able to serve their customers to the highest standard of care for over 50 years.


Due to the nature of the manufacturing industry, Heckmondwike FB are required to log defects in order to pinpoint the areas of operations which are faulty. By documenting these defects, it allows them to take measures to deal with the faults. Heckmondwike FB had been using an excel-based system to log their defects. This system was extremely outdated and was not sustainable for them as they grew bigger. It was also created by someone who they no longer had contact with. This made it difficult to make changes to their system to keep up with their customers' ever-changing demands. It also meant that the system was extremely vulnerable and that the Senior Leadership team could not run reports to understand potential flaws. This made it increasingly hard to make changes to their processes as they lacked the data required to make thorough, informed decisions.

Their previous system was highly time-consuming and labor-intensive. Heckmondwike FB's team would frequently spend hours and days during this process. There was also a high possibility of human error due to the lack of standardised systems. It was tedious and would divert resources away from higher-value tasks that would have a real impact on the business.

There would also be a lot of paperwork needed to keep track of their defects. This would oftentimes result in data loss and misinterpretation. They would also have to generate reports manually which was very inefficient.


Heckmondwike FB began their relationship with us in April 2020 after claiming their Free IT Health Check, and we have since gained a better understanding of their business and how they operate. They were able to put their trust in us and rely on our highly experienced team to guide them on their way to running a much more cyber-friendly business. We were able to provide them with advice and insight, as well as a new system to help improve the way they recorded defects.

By utilising a clear standardised approach, this new system aids in better understanding and tracking of their errors. The software enables team members to enter critical information. In-depth reports can then be generated on-demand and on a regular scheduled basis. They can also change the time scale for reporting so that they can see statistics from previous data with the click of a button. These reports are then delivered directly to their email addresses in a concise and easy-to-understand format. The simplicity of these reports greatly helped the manufacturing process, allowing take action more quickly.

Bespoke CRM Software Heckmondwike

what were the key outcomes?

Quicker Manufacturing Process

We were able to help Heckmondwike FB become more productive by helping them quickly identify where the defects were occurring and gain accurate data such as % of waste produced as a result of the defect, etc.

This helped to make the manufacturing process much easier as they were not in complete control over their defects.

Reliable System

They now had a system they can rely on that is developed with scalability in mind. As Heckmondwike FB continue to grow, so will their system. They were now able to rely on a system that was created with scalability in mind. Our experts are quick to release updates to ensure that their systems are keeping up with the constantly shifting technological changes.

More Informed Decisions

They could now reclaim valuable time and had a much broader understanding of their own business. They’re able to gain insight into operations they were previously unaware of, and with the system's real-time data they can come up with decisions much quicker.


The data provided by this system aided in the rapid growth of Heckmondwike FB. They were now able to identify trend patterns and take a more proactive approach to defect management. This has placed them in a position where they can solve a potential problem before it became a real one.

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Could not wish to be associated / partnered with a better IT company.

We invited Edmondsons to give us an IT health check and with the minimum of fuss have updated and upgraded all things IT."

-Heckmondwike FB

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