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Ashmans Solicitors is dedicated to offering high-quality legal services to their clients.


Ashmans Solicitors chose Edmondson's IT Services for better cybersecurity and IT support, needed to meet legal and client confidentiality standards, after their previous provider fell short.


We took over IT support for Ashmans Solicitors, fixed critical issues like lack of offsite backups, and resolved cybersecurity problems, completing the Cyber Essentials Plus certification in three days to ensure compliance.

Ashmans Solicitors

Ashmans Solicitors is dedicated to offering high-quality legal services to their clients. They specialise in various areas, including complex crime, fraud, financial matters, and motoring defence. Their dedication remains unchanged across our specialist practice areas, from our highly skilled complex crime team to our expert services in fraud & financial and motoring defence. Recognized as a Leading Firm in the 2018 Legal 500 guide, they are dedicated to providing top-tier advice and representation. The firm's key philosophy revolves upon assisting vulnerable defendants with concerns such as workplace accidents, identity theft, and family interests. Their commitment goes beyond legal expertise, emphasising responsible and ethical care as the foundation of their service.


As a solicitor’s firm, Ashmans Solicitors houses a significant amount of client data and information on their computers. Safeguarding this data is an essential to ensure the firm complies with legal obligations as well as maintain client confidentiality. Because of this, they required the Cyber Essentials Plus certification which is a government-backed cybersecurity certification to help businesses stay protected online. The primary aim of the certification was to increase the staff’s awareness of the various cyber threats and how to maintain and store company data.

They chose Edmondson's IT Services for this because their former IT provider was unable to meet the company's requirements. The firm was growing while their previous provider couldn’t keep up. As a result, they resorted to Edmondson's IT Services, as recommended by one of their employees.

Upon discussing their requirements with us, it became evident that they needed improved IT support in order to fulfil the requirements for the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to meet client and supplier needs.

Ashmans Solicitors Cyber Essentials


Before we began the Cyber Essentials Plus certification process, we first took over their IT Support to help us identify any issues with their current infrastructure that could pose a potential cyber risk. We found a crucial problem: their main server didn't have offsite backups, which could cause big issues if their onsite backups became corrupted. So, we virtualised their current server and installed Hyper V as a hypervisor on the Host Server which is now backed up completely offsite at a data centre. This will greatly improve the resilience and recovery time if a major incident were to occur.

After improving their IT setup, we focused on fixing cybersecurity issues to help them achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. One major issue was that the previous supplier failed to update Windows and Microsoft Office. We now handle this with our RMM solution.

To complete both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus it took around 3 days of total time to ensure all vulnerabilities were remediated and to test any fixes that had been applied. This quick timeframe minimised downtime and made sure the company meets specific industry standards.

what were the key outcomes?

Improved Data Security

By achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus certification and putting in place measures such as offsite backups and regular updates, Ashmans Solicitors significantly boosted the security of their client data and reduced potential cyber risks.

Competitive Advantage

This certification helps the firm stand out within the legal industry as a reliable partner. This improves the company’s reputation and attracts potential clients seeking secure legal services supported by advanced cybersecurity measures.

Compliance With Industry Standards

Achieving both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications shows Ashmans Solicitors' dedication to maintaining high cybersecurity standards and meeting specific industry rules, building trust with clients and suppliers.


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