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Understanding Your Microsoft 365 Invoice

Here is an example of one of our customer’s invoices to help you better understand how Microsoft 365 licence works. It’s important to note that your Microsoft 365 invoice reflects a pro-rata calculation for the licenses you hold. Any changes made to your license before the end of your license renewal month can impact your billing. In this case, the customer changed from 22 licences to 21.

Microsoft 365 Invoice
Microsoft 365 Licence Example


Since the company made the switch from 22 to 21 licences, this shows the price for how much they would pay for the remaining 3 days for the 22 licences.


This is how much the company will pay for the remaining licencing month after they made the change from 22 to 21 licences.


This is how much the company will pay for their entire licencing month (26/01/2024-25/02/2023).

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