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How to Add Outlook Emails to Your iPhone

Adding your Outlook emails to your iPhone is a seamless way to stay connected on the go. Read this step-by-step to find out more!

How to Set up Emails With The Outlook App on iPhone

1. Open up the Outlook App on your iPhone. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can download it from the app store.

Icon for Outlook app

2. If it’s your time first using Outlook for iPhone a screen saying ‘Get Started’ will pop up.

Get started button is highlighted on the Outlook app

3. If this page doesn’t pop up, click on the round profile icon in the top left and click on the settings icon at the bottom.

Outlook app settings icon

4. Once in the settings, there’ll be an option to ‘Add Email Account’. You will then be taken onto a page where you can add your email address. Type in your email address, then press add account.

Add Email Account on iPhone Outlook app

5. After that, enter the password used for your Outlook email account. You have successfully logged into your email account using the Outlook app!

How to Set up Emails With the Mail App on iPhone

1. Go into your iPhone settings, scroll down and tap Mail.

Mail section on iPhone settings app

2. Then go onto ‘Accounts’.

Accounts section on the mail settings for iPhone

3. Once in the ‘Accounts’ section, you will be given the option to ‘Add Account’

Outlook option when adding an outlook email account on iPhone

4. You will then be given a range of options for different emails. Select ‘Outlook’.

Outlook option when adding an outlook email account on iPhone

5. You will then be taken to the login page where you can put your outlook email and password.

Outlook email login section

6. Once you have logged in you will have successfully set up Outlook for the mail app on your iPhone!

To find out more visit our FAQs page!

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