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How to Send Automatic Emails in Outlook Using Outlook Rules

Setting up automatic emails in Outlook can be a great way to save time and stay on top of important communications. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up automatic emails in Outlook.

1. Start by creating a new email message to set up your automatic emails in Outlook. This will be the template for the email that you want to send automatically.

2. Once you’ve created your email template, save it as a draft in your Outlook inbox. You can do this by clicking “File”> “Save.” The email should then be in your Draft folder.

3. Now that you have your email template saved as a draft, you can set up a rule in Outlook to automatically send this email at a specific time or under certain conditions. Go to the “File” tab> Select “Manage Rules & Alerts.”

Send Automatic Emails in Outlook Using Outlook Rules

4. Click “New Rule.”

5. You’ll have two options: “Apply rule on messages I receive” or “Apply rule on messages I send.” Choose whichever applies to you and click “Next.”

Send Automatic Emails in Outlook Using Outlook Rules

4. Set up the conditions from the options available> Click “Next.”

5. Then click “have server reply using a specific message” option and insert the text box with the previous email template you created in your drafts.

Send Automatic Emails in Outlook Using Outlook Rules

6. A new message window will appear. Fill in the subject and message fields and leave the address field blank.

7. Click “Next” to apply more rules or click “Finish” if you’re happy with the rules.

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