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How to Use and Set Up Microsoft Loop in Outlook and Teams

Microsoft Loop is an innovative feature that is designed to improve collaboration across Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Central to Loop is its collaborative components called Loop components, which allow users to co-author content in real-time within emails, chats, or meetings. Here’s how to use and set up Microsoft Loop in both Outlook and Teams.

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Outlook

1. Open up Outlook> Compose a new email or reply to an existing email.

2. Click on the “Loop components” option from the top toolbar.

Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Outlook

3. Choose the type of Loop component you want to insert, such as a table, task list, or paragraph.

4. The Loop component will be embedded in your email. This is how it will look:

Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Outlook

5. Recipients can view and edit the component directly within the email, allowing for real-time collaboration. What’s more, is that multiple users can interact with this component, seeing each other’s updates instantaneously.

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Teams

1. Launch Teams and head to the chat or channel where you want to add a Loop component.

2. In the message input area, click on the Loop icon. If the Loop icon is not directly visible, click on the three dots which will open up more options. Select Loop from the apps and tools available.

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Teams

4. Select the type of Loop component you need, such as a list, task, or paragraph and insert it into your message. This is how it will look:

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Loop in Teams

5. The Loop component will become part of your message. All participants in the chat or channel can contribute and update the content in real-time.

Benefits of Microsoft Loop Components

Real-Time Collaboration:

  1. Changes made in the Loop component are visible to everyone immediately, eliminating the need for multiple versions of the same document.
  2. Ensures that all team members have access to the most current information.

Cross-Platform Integration:

  1. Loop components created in Outlook can be used and manipulated within Teams, and vice versa.
  2. Facilitates a fluid workflow by allowing content to remain consistent across different platforms.

Versatile Content Types:

  1. Supports various content types, including checklists, project timelines, and rich text with images and links.
  2. Improves collaboration by providing tools tailored to different needs.

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