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How to Find Your WordPress RSS Feed URL

Finding your WordPress RSS Feed URL is important for sharing your content and integrating it with other services. The RSS feed provides a standardised format for your content, enabling readers and services to stay updated with your latest posts. WordPress automatically generates an RSS feed, making it straightforward to find. Here’s how to find and use your WordPress RSS Feed URL to improve your site’s accessibility and boost your content’s reach.

Add /feed/ to Website URL

1. The simplest way to find your WordPress RSS Feed URL is to add /feed/ to the end of your website’s main URL. For example: This URL is applicable for most WordPress websites.

2. Visiting this link in your browser will display the RSS feed in XML format. This is readable by various RSS readers and compatible services.

3. WordPress also offers several other feed types such as comments, categories, tags, etc. To access the comments feed here will be your RSS feed:

Website Source Code

If the standard method to find your WordPress RSS feed doesn’t work, you can try finding it by checking a web page’s source code:

1. Right-click on the web page you want the RSS feed for. Select “View Page Source” from the menu.

Find Your WordPress RSS Feed URL

2. Press Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux) or Command+F (Mac) to open the search function in the source code view.

3. Type “RSS” in the search bar and press Enter. If you don’t find anything with rss, try searching for atom instead. Atom is another type of web feed that some websites use.

4. Look through the search results for URLs that contain “rss”. These are often links to the RSS feed.

Find Your WordPress RSS Feed URL

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