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How do I replace a disk in my ReadyNAS?

When your disk fails, your ReadyNAS system will send an email and status message, stating that you will need to replace your disk. Because your system supports hot-swap bays, you won’t need to turn off your system when replacing a disk, allowing you to replace with ease.

1. Press the disk tray release latch. This will make the disk tray handles pop out.

2. Remove the disk tray and replace the disk. Ensure you’re placing the hard disk so that the disk connectors face the inside of the disk bay.

3. Slide the new disk back in the system, and click the handle in place to secure the disk. Your system will automatically start to sychronise with the disk. You can still use your storage system as the disk and the system synchronise. Access may be slower compared to normal, until the disk is fully synchronised. Now you’re all set. You have successfully replaced a disk in your ReadyNAS.

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