File Storage

Need access to your files no matter where you are?

Do you want to make sure your files are backed up and secure?

We've partnered with Netgear to provide the ReadyNAS solution

to ensure you can have both in one package.

Trusted Partner

Partnering with Netgear, we use only trusted, reliable and professional hardware to give you a secure, networked backup solution.

Netgear are one of the leading suppliers of network and storage hardware, providing industry-leading solutions for over 20 years.

Constant Updates

The system allows your staff access to files and folders that they need, while at the same time securely backing up the data every hour on-site, and every 24 hours off-site. You can also rescue files that have been recently edited or deleted - an invaluable facility for many companies. 

Around-the-clock Protection

With real-time antivirus and encryption feature, you can protect yourself against bad data as well as hackers.

The ReadyNAS solution also comes with multiple drive redundancy built-in. Should a drive fail, we're able to simply swap it out without the risk of downtime or data loss.

Cloud Backups

Best of all, the entire process is automated, so you never have to lift a finger. And you'll have absolute peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe, secure and fully backed up in the cloud - in case the worst should happen.

Monitored Support

If there happens to be a problem with your ReadyNas box and you could potentially be at risk of losing your data, we will immediately receive notification so we can resolve the problem straight away. 

Cost Effective

You shouldn't have to pay a fortune to ensure your files are backed up and secure. That's why we have designed pricing plans that start as low as £30 per calendar month.

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