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New Commerce Experience

What is Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience?

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As part of the Cloud Solution Provider Program, Microsoft recently announced the New Commerce Experience (NCE) to transform the way customers purchase and maintain their Microsoft 365 licences.

Work from Home, Edmondson's IT

How To Keep Data Secure When Working From Home

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Working from home can bring about several challenges that you may not have considered when working on-site. One of which is understanding how to manage your data, preventing it from being lost or corrupted.

bespoke software

Advantages of a Bespoke Software

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Bespoke software, also known as bespoke solution, is a tailor-made software with your needs in mind. The software is custom-built according to your business goals and is an exact fit for your customer base. This results in the best-suited solution for you.

NAS, Edmondson's IT

Why do businesses need NAS?

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With the recent announcement of the new Covid-19 restrictions, businesses are now slowly returning to operate on a work from home basis. This can be difficult for businesses that have a large amount of data. Especially when they can only access this data when they are in the office. This is where Network-attached Storage (NAS) comes in.

Year In Summary

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What can we say about the year 2021, it has been very similar to 2020! We have faced lockdowns, remote working and even snow days but the positive aspects certainly brought a lot of joy to our team! In this blog, we are going to look back on the memorable moments of 2021!

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Explained

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Everyone wants to protect their privacy especially in a World where cybercrime is becoming a major problem. In this blog we are going to explain what a two factor authentication (two-step authentication) is and how it works.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Vs On Premise Software

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With businesses looking to cut costs, many are migrating data and operations to the cloud. As we know the cloud offers scalability, flexibility and speed that traditional on-premise systems often lack.

Celebrating a Decade of IT Success

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Everyone has dreams and ambitions in their lifetime, and we all try to make them come true. Back in 2011, Craig Edmondson made his dream of becoming a business owner in the tech industry a reality.

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