Anti-Virus Protection

anti virus
Prevents data and cyber security breaches
Enhances password protection
Inexpensive for businesses
Prevent phishing attacks
Boosts productivity with a faster computer
Blocks spam website and adverts

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With Viruses and malware becoming more prevalent, more sophisticated, and more harmful by the day, a powerful and robust Anti-Virus solution is a must-have for any business.

Edmondson’s IT Services are dedicated to providing businesses with proactive anti-virus solutions. Having a secure operating system is very important for every business. There is nothing worse than being attached by viruses than can potentially cause a lot of harm to your business. Contact our team to see how we can help you get your systems protected.

anti-virus protection

Symantec Anti-Virus Software

Anti Virus
Best-In-Class Protection

We’ve partnered with Symantec to offer one of the best anti-virus products available, Endpoint Protection. Powerful and unobtrusive, this Anti-Virus system will quietly work in the background, only alerting you to potential threats when absolutely necessary.

Always Updating

Symantec are committed to ensuring Endpoint Protection stays up to date and ready to fight any new threats that may arise. Twice-daily updates mean that any new viruses released are quickly added to the protection database, keeping your company safe and secure

Anti Virus
Hosted or On-Site

The Symantec Management system can be run from your in-house server, enabling tight integration with your network. Don’t have a dedicated server? No problem, the management platform can be hosted entirely online so you don’t have to have any specialist hardware to be protected

anti virus
Protect Everything

Every PC, Server, Laptop, and Mac device can be protected with the Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus system so you can have the peace of mind knowing your network is protected. As well as an anti-virus, investing in anti-spam to prevent malicious emails reaching your inbox is just as important.

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