Meet The Team


Managing Director

Craig Edmondson

Having worked in IT all my adult life, it’s fair to say I’ve learnt an awful lot along the way. It’s hard to say which aspect of computing I like best, but perhaps the main thing for me is the challenge. 

Whether it’s about designing a new database system from the ground up or completely revamping an organisation’s IT infrastructure, I love rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in! 

Outside of work, my family takes centre stage! Going out and having fun together is what makes it all worthwhile.

Accounts Administrator

Laura Edmondson

Since joining the team in 2013, I’ve learnt so much about our amazing industry. My main role at Edmondson’s is keeping track of those pennies!

I love all the contact with our customers as they’re such a friendly bunch. If you need help with your computers I’m not the one to ask, but I will pass you on to our experts in the office.

Software Development

Dale Birkett

A member of the Edmondson’s IT team since 2010, I began my career here as a hardware engineer before moving onto software and web development. If you’ve used one of our software products, or ordered a bespoke PC from us in the past few years, the chances are that I had a hand in its creation!

I love developing software, especially when it comes to thinking of new and creative ways to solve our clients’ problems. I’m particularly proud of my work on a warranty system and a models database, both custom-developed from scratch. I was also the lead developer behind our in-house virtual IT assistants, JACOB and EMMA, who monitor our customers’ system and server health 24/7.

In my spare time I’m often found with friends playing games (console, board, card, table top, and more!) and listening to Heavy Metal music!

Telecoms & Support

Amber Hargill

I began my career at Edmondson’s IT as a Support Apprentice. After studying and passing my course, I stayed on full time to become the head of the Telecoms division. My role includes a great variety of tasks such as managing our VoIP products and being the first port of call for our customers when they need help with their phones.

Before coming here I studied A-Levels at college. After a year of that I soon realised that sat in a classroom wasn’t how I enjoyed learning. 

All my life I’ve enjoyed working with computers and now doing it as my job I can see my future slowly coming together.In my spare time I enjoy just spending time with the family and catching up.

Hardware Support

Niles Stephenson

I joined Edmondsons IT in 2018 as an IT Support Apprentice and have grown so much since being here.

You’ll typically speak to me about your IT issues, queries and questions. When I’m not speaking to customers I am using Jacob to monitor all of our customers systems and ensure our customers backups are working.

I have been an IT geek since I was a young lad, spending most of my time tinkering with pc’s and solving IT issues for my family and friends, now it’s my job and I’m loving it.

Support Apprentice

Elliott Hemming

Being the newest member of the Edmondson’s Team  I have been made to feel welcome since my first day.

I moved from Salford to the local area in 2015 and attended one of the local high schools. After this I attended Huddersfield New College, coming out with Qualifications in Business, IT and Law.

But I needed a new challenge, after viewing the possibilities of becoming an apprentice here it was a no-brainer. A career in the ever growing world of IT is what I wanted to do.

During my typical day here I am usually answering the phone to many of our customers, with various IT situations to fix, as well as monitoring our customer systems using Jacob and Emma.

In my spare time you will see me at the home ground of my beloved Salford RLFC, having been a fan since I was 6 years old.

International Intern

Paulo Boë

I’m Paulo Boë, 19 years old. I am an intern from The Netherlands here since the end of January 2020. It’s been really a blast since day one. Everyone on the team is really nice and helps me out whenever I need help.

Like I said before, I’m an intern. In Holland I do an education in IT. I’ll be working with the team for five months. Until the end of June.

What does a day in Edmondson’s IT look like for me? The day starts off with daily checks. We get notifications from Anti-Virus that we have to sort out, Backups that needs checking, Mailboxes that need looking into and occasionally helping a customer on the phone.

So far it’s been really nice and I’m looking forward to my upcoming months working with this awesome and kind team!

Meet The Virtual Team

Virtual Assistant


Hello there! My name is JACOB and I love knowledge. I’ll soak up every bit of information I can get! Keeping all of our customers’ details safe and secure, I make sure I always know who has what and how every machine and system is set up.

That means whenever my real-world team mates need to look in to a problem, they can have all the details they need at their fingertips (I hate to blow my own trumpet, but we help make Edmondson’s IT super-efficient)!

EMMA helps me out a lot too. Because I don’t get out, she does all the running around and keeps me updated on the health of our clients’ systems.

Virtual Assistant


Hi! Unlike the real-world team, I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping a close eye on our clients’ servers to make sure everything is working exactly as it should.

I’m based out in the field and run on more than 100 servers. If an issues arises I let my sidekick, JACOB, know straight away, so that he can get our expert engineers onto the problem right away!

Whether your IT has you feeling overwhelmed, excited or completely confused, contact us today for expert advice. 

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